Renew Membership

Renew your membership of 1st Sandstone Scout Group & Wildfire Explorer Scouts

Please use the form below to apply to renew your membership of 1st Sandstone Scout Group or Wildfire Explorer Scout Unit for the next school year.

We have an unusually high number of potential members on our waiting list and we need to know how many vacancies we will have in each section so we can give as many young people as possible the opportunities that membership offers.

You must submit this form and pay the subs no later than the deadline stated in the email that brought you to this page. If we do not receive this form and payment of the subs by the deadline your place will be offered to another young person and we may not then be able to offer you the chance to rejoin in September.


  • Before completing this form you will need to log on to OSM, check that all details are correct and obtain the membership number (you may need to scroll down on OSM to see this number). You must then complete all four boxes, enter your name in the box at the bottom, and click the button if you agree to the terms of membership listed.
  • Member details

  • Your agreement

    1. I agree that I have checked the details shown on OSM, that they are all currently correct, and that I will amend them on OSM as any changes occur.
    2. I accept that the 1st Sandstone Scout Group will be keeping information about my son's/daughter's membership of the Scout Movement for scouting purposes in accordance with the Group Policy (available on request)
    3. I give explicit consent to the holding of information of my son's/daughter's health, disabilities, religion/faith and race/ethnic origin for Scouting purposes
    4. If it becomes necessary for my son/daughter to receive medical treatment and I cannot be contacted to authorise this, I hereby give my general consent to any necessary medical treatment and authorise the Leader in charge to sign any document required by the hospital authorities.
    5. I agree that my son/daughter may be photographed in accordance with the normal practice in the 1st Sandstone Scout Group
    6. I agree to ensure that my son/daughter attends all evening sessions held by the 1st Sandstone Scout Group for his/her Section (illness and family emergencies excepted) and I agree to withdraw my son/daughter if I am unable to do so (does not apply to Wildfire ESU)
    7. I agree to ensure that my son/daughter attends the annual Remembrance Sunday Service unless he/she is ill
    8. I agree to access my emails at least weekly between 9.00 am and 1.00 pm every Monday in order to retrieve urgent messages relating to Scout Group activities
    9. I agree to attend at least one evening session each term as part of a rota of parent helpers if required, and I agree to arrange a substitute myself if I am unable to attend when scheduled (in some cases the substitute must be DBS checked)
  • I wish to renew my child's membership of 1st Sandstone Scout Group or Wildfire Explorer Scout Unit. I confirm that I agree to the above terms of membership. I will now pay the annual subs by bank transfer to the account detailed in the email which directed me to this form

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
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