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Badges which can be earned by the
1st Sandstone Beavers
1st Sandstone Beavers

This page contains details of the badges that Beaver Scouts can earn.

You can see which badges your child has earned, or is in the process of earning, via the OSM Parent Portal

For the position of badges on the uniform click here

There are several different types of badge:

Membersip badges badges you receive when you are 'invested' as a Beaver Scout
Joining In awards awarded to recognise that you have joined in Colony activities for 1 or 2 full years
Activity Badges awarded when you have completed an activity such as the 'Explore' badge
Staged Activity Badges awarded in Beavers, Cubs and Scouts; you normally start at Stage1 and progress to higher stages
Challenge Awards these recognise that you have completed major parts of the Beaver Scout programme
Chief Scout Bronze Award your aim is to achieve this pretigious award before you move on to Cubs and you will receive it when you have completed all 6 Challenge Awards
Moving On Award you receive this from your Beaver Scout Leader when you leave Beavers to join Cubs, but you can only wear it when your Cub Leader tells you that you have learned enough about Cubs to be entitled to wear it

This page was last updated on 4 August, 2019